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As a serious student of the Bible, author, Mary E. Lewis, prefers a PDF digital Bible for the convenience of bookmarks for Books, chapters, and subheadings.  The Word of YHVH Bible is fully bookmarked.  Click the link below or the menu for free books.

Having the Hebrew name, YHVH, in the Old Testament and the New Testament, clarifies the difficult to understand passages.  It's free here, so you lose nothing by trying it, and will gain much.

All Church doctrine should be perfectly aligned with the Bible.  Even so, there is an abundance of error not recognized by those who err.   CFLM takes to heart the Body's cry for YaHavah's truth  and restoration of  first century Christian doctrines.  Let's strive together to bring Church doctrine back  into alignment with the Bible.  YaHavah promised to be our teacher, counselor, and protector. .

YaHavah gave his son so we can enter his peace to own that promise.  BELIEVE IT!

CFLM strives for "One heart and one mind for all in YaHavah and Jesus"

 Open your heart to know YaHavah's great love, 
Open your mind to know YaHavah's great wisdom.  

Free Books

Proclaiming the names of YaHavah and Jesus to the world every day
YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
Bible with the Hebrew name of Jesus in the NT
This version is no longer in publication 
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Companion books to the Word of YHVH Bible and Water of the Word Bible.

"Discovering a Friend" introduction to the Word of YHVH Bible is a helpful primer for understanding the basics of the Bible's structure and purpose.  This intro is useful for all ages of  Bible students and all levels of Bible knowledge.  

"The Glossary of Common Terms" is more than a list of Bible words; it is a quick reference digest of sound bible doctrine to live by. Use this book for Bible studies, primary reference for testing the spirit of every doctrine, family fun with Bible quizzes, and more.​

"Handbook of Helps"  has all of the annotations contained in the WYB and WOW bibles.  


The words LORD and God substituted for YHVH and Elohim interfere with a clear understanding of the Bible's teaching about YHVH and Jesus in a multitude of ways.   Today, many avoid the name YHVH because of the argumentation involved with its pronunciation and a history of denominational schism associated with it, such as  Jehovah's Witness (JW), Church of God (7th day) (CoG7th), and the Sacred Name Movement. 

Disclaimer: This ministry has no connection with JW, CoG, or any of its break-off denominations, neither does it have any connection with the Sacred Name Movement or any of its break-off groups or any cult organizations.
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Red letter for Jesus' words and Blue letter for YaHavah's words through the angel of the Lord and prophets.  For Companion books listed below in free PDF--  click Free Books on the menu

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Water of the Word Bible is the PAPERBACK edition of the Word of YHVH Bible in three volumes available only on Amazon.com. 

Old Testament Vol. I
Old Testament Vol. II
New Testament Vol. III

For Companion books listed below in Kindle e-Book and paperback click Author Page on the menu