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YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
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Water of the Word Bible is the PAPERBACK edition 
of the Word of YHVH Bible in three volumes 
Available only on Amazon.com 
or order from your local bookstore. 

e-Book   Paperback
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Why Jesus Had to be Human contains the Bible's answers to many misconceptions about the relationship between YaHavah and Jesus.
What you think you know may not be what YaHavah wants you to know.   
Believing the wrong things about Jesus could be judged as blasphemy to both. 
Don't take chances with your eternal life.
​Get Ready for Revival: Renewing Your Heart and Mind is also a primer type of book.  It is in two sections.

Section 1 addresses some Bible misconceptions in understaning.  
Section 2 goes straight to primary Bible doctrines.
These prophecy symbols are key to understanding end time prophecy.  Knowledge of these keys will erase any interpretive questions and doubt.  
YaHavah and the Bible are always the correct choice:

Seven Spirits
Seven Lamps
Seven Churches
Seven Seals
Seven Trumpets
Four Horsemen
Seventy Sevens of Weeks
Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel
Four Beasts of Daniel
The Glossary of Common Terms contains words every Christian uses or has heard about.  This will also become a familiar friend when you have questions.  
Discovering a Familiar Friend is a quick study of what the Bible is about.  This book will give the new Bible student a head start in understanding.
It is also a good refresher for those who have been reading it for years.

If you thought Psalms and Proverbs were something extra and not really necessary to study... think again.  These are Christian Primers 101/102

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still offered for FREE
The Word of YHVH Bible is currently the only Bible that contains the name of YHVH in both, the Old Testament and New Testament. There is nothing new, just revealed.  This monumental change is the beginning of first century Church understanding.  
Get ready to say these words and phrases on a regular basis and keep tissues handy to wipe sudden tears. 
Aha! Wow! Astounding! and 
Why haven't I heard that before? 

Coming Soon!
A Bold, Revealing, and Not Soon Forgotten 
New Testament Bible Study Series 
Projected Release Date:  August, 2017

The Four Gospels in one book
Acts and Revelation each in one book
1 and 2 Corinthians and Thessalonians in one book
Hebrews and Romans in one book
The remaining letters in one book