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CFLM offers primers in Bible knowledge to get the newbie started and the oldie to compare and reevaluate.  As a born again believer, I am dedicated to helping believers worldwide to keep their names in the Book of Life.

CFLM proclaims and teaches One YaHavah who, by his own Spirit, created and fills the heavens and the earth.  (Genesis  and Jeremiah)

Each true Bible doctrine is consistent with every connected doctrine throughout the Bible, whereas, lies are not. Lies will always have one or more voids somewhere in their chain of evidence, or will carry the excuse that it is a mystery and cannot be fully understood.  I have heard the mystery excuse repeated many times about end times prophecy, the personal Hebrew name of our Creator, and the relationship between YaHavah, his Holy Spirit, and Jesus. 


Be a responsible Christian in the family of YaHavah and Jesus; learn how you can be spiritually and intellectually proactive in the preservation of YaHavah's truth within the Church Body and the world.  
YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
Know the Bible

The Bible  and Spirit of YaHavah teach truth, integrity, and respect.
Only the Bible and Spirit of YaHavah are trustworthy sources of truth. 

Back to Bible Basics
Back to Bible basics, when applied to the Bible, means healing the Body of Christ of false doctrine by reading the Bible with the eyes and heart of a child eager to learn from its Father in heaven.

Believe—Repent—Receive the Spirit of YaHavah anointing.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is interspersed throughout the Old Testament as symbols, word-images, and prophecies. The four New Testament gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John present the four aspects of Christ’s ministry as the Son of David, the Son of YaHavah, Savior, and through whom the Spirit anointing comes. These are all relative to the Law and prophecy of the Old Testament. That is why Jesus said He came to fulfill all righteousness, because the Law and prophecy are the righteous commandments of our Creator, YaHavah.​
Core Bible Doctrines  
There is ONE core Bible doctrine under which all other Bible doctrines are established:
    1.Person of YHVH
        a.Person of Satan
        b.Person of Jesus
        c.The Anointing
        e.Bible Prophecy
        f.Testing of Doctrine

Consider this with care: YaHavah is the one and only living God, 
with no limitations. He is the center of his Kingdom and his 
mind (Spirit) radiates 360° in every direction from himself without 
any time or space limitations. YaHavah is omni-everything.

He said so himself in Jeremiah 23:23-24, 23—[Am] I Elohim at 
hand, said YHVH, and not Elohim afar off? 24—Can any hide 
himself in secret places that I shall not see him?—Said YHVH. 
Do I not fill heaven and earth?—Said YHVH.

Acquiring full Bible knowledge of YaHavah will enable understanding of the remainder, assuring the reader of his or her right and knowledge to determine the truth or falsity of any doctrine, and to confront any temptation with confidence. 

Satan’s entire plan is to alter the Bible’s truth about these seven.
Acquiring full Bible knowledge of these seven, will assure the reader of his or her right and knowledge to determine the truth or falsity of any doctrine and to confront any temptation from Satan with confidence in the truth of the Bible.  
YaHavah's Elements of Journalism
Our Creator, YHVH, employs the journalistic elements of who, what, when, where, why, and the how to teach us about himself:

  • The (who’s) are the protagonist and the antagonist. The protagonists are our Creator, YHVH and His Son, Jesus. The antagonists are Satan, aka, Lucifer the fallen angel, and his earthly counterpart, the end time Antichrist, aka, Daniel’s Fourth Beast.  
  • The (what) is a conflict between YaHavah and Satan of unimaginable proportions from beginning to end.
  • The (when) begins in a time before creation, as we know it and ends with a new creation.  
  • The physical (where) began in the realm of heaven, moved to earth, then to a new heaven and earth. (Third Heaven, Eden, and New Jerusalem)
  • The spiritual (where) is in the hearts and minds of humanity and our Creator, YHVH (phonetically pronounced YaHavah).  
  • The (how) is in the causative actions of the unseen infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Spirit of YaHavah.  
  • The (why) is the reason for item 6, which is to remove sin from YaHavah’s creation.

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