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CFLM offers primers in Bible knowledge to get the newbie started and the oldie to compare and reevaluate.  As a born again believer, I am dedicated to helping believers worldwide to keep their names in the Book of Life.

CFLM proclaims and teaches One YaHavah who, by his own Spirit, created and fills the heavens and the earth.  (Genesis  and Jeremiah)

Each true Bible doctrine is consistent with every connected doctrine throughout the Bible, whereas, lies are not. Lies will always have one or more voids somewhere in their chain of evidence, or will carry the excuse that it is a mystery and cannot be fully understood.  I have heard the mystery excuse repeated many times about end times prophecy, the personal Hebrew name of our Creator, and the relationship between YaHavah, his Holy Spirit, and Jesus. 


Be a responsible Christian in the family of YaHavah and Jesus; learn how you can be spiritually and intellectually proactive in the preservation of YaHavah's truth within the Church Body and the world.  
YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
Proclaiming the names of YaHavah and Jesus to the world every day
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January 30 and 31 only 
Getting to Know Your Bible  

February 1 through 3 only
The Case of the Triple Hook of Death




Psalm 23  
Living and resting
 in YaHavah ​

What Will Happen During the Last Seven Years?

What is Christianity?
Based on John's 3 epistles and 
YaHavah's tough love

The Conception and Birth of Jesus 

How the Holy Spirit Works

Is Jesus God?
aka, Why Jesus Had to be Human

Name of YHVH

How a Pagan God infiltrated Christianity
Historical records reveal that the Zoroastrian sun-god, Mithra, was morphed into Christian Creeds. Who did this?  How does it affect Christian perspective?

Theological Differences about
the Nature of God

Book of Revelation Structure
Including, Six Bible Views 
of the Rapture/Resurrection

Daniel's Seventy Sevens Countdown
See what the seventy sevens 
looks like from its beginning to the end

Last Seven Years of Daniel's 
Prophecy of Seventy Sevens

2Thessalonians Ch. 2 Study Matrix

Matthew 24 Commentary Matrix
Signs of the end times 
Revised 9-1-2017

Elements of Journalism in the Bible

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ is much more than you think!

                        My name is Sam the Bible sleuth. I search for the truth in a world bent on untruths and unhealthy trends. 

    I'm sure you've noticed how spiritual curiosity is shifting into a full circle trend, leaning heavily toward pre Great Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah behavior patterns?

    The Bible records human trends so we can learn from them. Unfortunately, the current trend is leading people further and further away from the Bible and true knowledge of YaHavah and Jesus.

    The news is constantly filled with aberrant sexual behaviors of all kinds, terrorism, sniper and other mass shootings, threats of nuclear war, bullying, spousal abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, confusion of what to believe about God and creation, Christian denominationalism and other religions gone rampant, and the list goes on and on. 

    When will it stop? What can humanity do to help stop it, or at least slow it down?

    The answer(s) to those questions are in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, but not by a multitude of interpretations as seen today. There is only one interpretation and that is given by God. His Hebrew name is YHVH. For simplicity and clarity of meaning, I pronounce it YaHavah. He is the creator of all the heavens and the earth. He inspired righteous men to write his words to guide his creation in righteous behaviors. Sounds simple enough, but people, in their naivety, have allowed it to become extremely difficult. 

    The symbols and word images in the Book of Revelation tells many stories related to the history of humanity in the Bible. Basically, the Bible is about YaHavah’s plan to save his creation from Satan’s infectious evil. Every person who is, in any way, part of the above list of atrocities, will be destroyed with Satan.             Not a pleasant possibility. Think about it.

Learn how to avoid being included in YaHavah's destruction. 

About Choices leading to salvation from YHVH's Wrath  
About saving names written in the Book of Life

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Peace be with you and yours!
Origin of the name Jesus
AHRC: Video-Where did the name "Jesus" come from?
Jeff Benner admin@ancient-hebrew.org via aweber.com 

The Origins of Water Baptism

AHRC: What is the Origin of Baptism? (Video)
Jeff Benner admin@ancient-hebrew.org via aweber.com ​