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    CFLM offers primers in Bible knowledge to get the newbie started and the oldie to compare and reevaluate. Build an army of Bible literates. 

   CFLM proclaims and teaches One YaHavah who, by his own Spirit, created and fills the heavens and the earth.  (Genesis  and Jeremiah)

    Each true Bible doctrine is consistent with every connected doctrine throughout the Bible, whereas, lies are not. Lies will always have one or more voids somewhere in their chain of evidence, or will carry the excuse that it is a mystery and cannot be fully understood.  I have heard the mystery excuse repeated many times about end times prophecy, the personal Hebrew name of our Creator, and the relationship between YaHavah, his Holy Spirit, and Jesus; BEWARE OF THE MYSTERY EXCUSE--IT IS DEADLY.

   Be a responsible Christian in the family of YaHavah and Jesus; learn how you can be spiritually and intellectually proactive in the preservation of YaHavah's truth within the Church Body and the world.
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YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
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Did you know:  That the seven spirits are YaHavah's way of ministering to your needs?
Did you know: That the inside of the scroll with seven seals is the Book of Life?
Did you know:  That John1:1-5 is about YaHavah, not Jesus?  See the verse at top right on this page.
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Bible illiteracy is never having read the Bible or being mislead about what it teaches.
The most important test of Bible literacy is in the table to the right.  If you haven't been taught the purpose and significance of the seven spirits​ of Isaiah 11:1-5 and Rev. 5:6, then you have not been taught the fullness of the Spirit of YaHavah and the bible's truth of the first and second coming of Jesus Christ. 

Ridiculous, you say?  

The proof is in the Bible for those willing to seek it, listen, and learn.  Take note on which side of the chart prideerror, and ignorance are on; these are the enemy's trade tools.

Be Bible Literate

The Bible Teaches Truth, Integrity, and Respect

The Bible is the foremost resource of doctrine by which to live, and YaHavah is the foremost teacher of Bible doctrine. A person can learn more about life from the Bible than any other book ever written or from any preacher, teacher, life coach, or psychologist, yet each of these do have their purpose.

All Church doctrine should be perfectly aligned with the Bible. Even so, there is an abundance of error not recognized by those who err. CFLM takes to heart the Body's cry for YaHavah's truth and restoration of first century Christian doctrines. Let's strive together to bring Church doctrine back into alignment with the Bible. YaHavah promised to be our teacher, counselor, and protector. BELIEVE IT!

CFLM strives for "One heart and one mind for all in YaHavah and Jesus"

 "open your heart to know his great love, and open your mind to know his great wisdom."  

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The following list are some of the leading topics people want to know about.  These, and topics they are biblically related too, are discussed in the books on this site through biblical understanding, not by denominational doctrine understanding; how to separate the two is also discussed.

Fight Bible Illiteracy
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Daniel 7
Daniel 9
seventy sevens prophecy
four beasts
four horsemen
seven seals
seven spirits
seven lampstands
seven churches

Who is God
Who is the Holy Spirit
holy spirit
fruits of the holy spirit
what is the trinity​

who is Jesus
Is Jesus God
is Jesus Human
born again

Bible prophecy
end times prophecy
last seven years
the great tribulation

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